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Energy Information Services
  June 21, 2018


At GeoPraxis, Inc. our expertise in market research, energy information services, and energy programs meets the rigorous research and development needs of sophisticated resource market companies, research organizations, utilities and policy-making bodies.

What our past, current, and future clients all have in common is a keen appreciation for the value of reliable analyses of their energy and resource consumption - or that of their customers and competitors. At GeoPraxis, we pride ourselves on meeting clients' high expectations, providing advanced and defensible research, strategic recommendations, useful training seminars, and creative software solutions.

GeoPraxis and our outstanding network of strategic partners work together to provide consulting services in three key and integrated areas of applied science:

We also offer an advanced assortment of powerful and easy-to-use utility program marketing web tools and easy-to-use home energy inspection Software Products.

At present, three powerful trends are driving demand for the information-rich products and services that are made possible by our synergy of skills. These trends are:

  • The ongoing revolution in information technologies, and the effects of human adaptations to these new tools which is changing the nature of work and the organization of commerce on a global scale
  • The fundamental restructuring of the electricity and gas markets, opening global opportunities for new products and services in an industry that has resisted change for far longer than other segments of the economy.
  • The increasing recognition by policy makers and business leaders that quantitative assessments of finite resource and energy flows are needed to manage risks and to identify opportunities.

To match and manage these forces, you need the very best tools and information, and you need them now.

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