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  June 21, 2018


Green Building Studio, Inc., an architectural, engineering and construction software and services company, is the industry leader in the development and implementation of building energy analysis tools and web-based solutions. Developers of the open-source Green Building XML (gbXML) data standard, Green Building Studio provides expert design assistance and research consulting services and operates the pioneering energy efficiency information web service

IQura Technologies, P. LTD., offers world class, round-the-clock web site design and deployment services from their offices in Bangalore, India and San Jose, California. Working together since 1999, IQura has provided GeoPraxis with high quality and cost-effective assistance in web site creative design, web-related software development and web portal management services.

LandAmerica OneStop, Inc., a subsidiary of one of the largest families of title insurance underwriters in North America, provides single-source coordination on title insurance and such real estate-related services as document preparation, flood certifications, appraisals,surveys, home equity, credit and tax reporting, and home inspections and warranties. Since 1999, GeoPraxis and LandAmerica have pioneered EnergyCheckup.Com to bring cost-effective residential energy audits to the home inspection industry.

BASE Energy, Inc., led by Ahmad R. Ganji, Ph.D., P.E., consults with manufacturing plants and utilities in industrial energy conservation, productivity improvement, and waste minimization. Since 1999, BASE and GeoPraxis have combined their respective expertise to meet the energy engineering and information technology challenges of leading industrial energy consumers and the utilities who serve them.

Artifice, Inc. is a leading international provider of creative 3D modeling software for the building design professions (DesignWorkshop™), and a leading publisher of digital media for designers and design aficianados (GreatBuildings.Com and ArchitectureWeek.Com). Since 1998, Artifice and GeoPraxis have collaborated on a number of high-profile research and development projects to give building designers the tools and information they need to easily integrate “green building” performance analysis into their design practices.

EnerPath, Inc. is a leading energy audit software developer/application service provider focused on the coupling of hand-held data gathering devices and web-based energy performance analysis. EnerPath and GeoPraxis joined together in 2000 to bring the next generation of XML-based energy audit and analysis applications to the utility and energy services industries.

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