Good Morning June 21, 2018
One sixth of the electricity consumed in the US goes to cool buildings, at an annual cost of $40 billion.
In the 1970's the yearly high temperature in Los Angeles exceeded the former high temperatures caused by the eruption of Krakatau in 1883.


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GeoPraxis Inc., an energy efficiency research and development consultancy, has led the design and development of some of the demand-side management industry’s most innovative and successful information technologies and programs.

GeoPraxis provides expert market research and program design, implementation, and evaluation consulting services to energy utilities, government agencies, and private industry.

GeoPraxis also operates the Energy Design Resources Program, on behalf of California's leading energy utilities, and™, America's first and most popular Home Energy Rating service for existing home inspectors, REALTORS®, and their clients.

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Green Building Studio Web Service
Green Building XML
EnergyCheckup™ for Homes
AEC Design Practice Survey 2004

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GeoPraxis, Inc. is recognized as a Sonoma Valley Green Business.

For more information, please visit the Sonoma County Green Business Program or the US EPA's Energy Star Program

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